About Us

Australian Taekwondo Queensland Inc. (ATQ) is the State Sporting Organisation for Taekwondo in Queensland, and will shortly be admitted as the Sports Taekwondo Australia Limited State Member representing Queensland. It was formed on 12 March 2016, when the members of the then Australian Taekwondo Queensland and Taekwondo Queensland resolved to unify into a single community.

ATQ’s primary focus is the ongoing development and promotion of the sport and martial art of Taekwondo. To that end, we work with a range of partners within and beyond Queensland to bring the joy of taekwondo to as many people as we possibly can. We also work with our member clubs to enhance the experience of taekwondo by existing practitioners.

As the governing body for taekwondo in Queensland, ATQ strives for excellence in its governance and operational practices.

Contact Details

Office 2.02, Sports House
150 Caxton St, Milton, QLD 4064

P: +61 (7) 3367 3552
F: +61 (7) 3367 3553

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