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    Rob Lister

    Life Member

    Rob Lister has been an avid supporter of all aspects of Taekwondo in Queensland, representing the state on many committees and of course as a former President of TQ. Rob has been an active referee, judge and keen volunteer, to name a few, in this state and nationally. His leadership through mergers was strong with a definite plan to improve the Taekwondo family in Queensland and nationally. I think most members could add to his list of achievements with relative ease. Rob has never sought recognition which is a great leadership trait. Rob was honoured with Life Membership with unanimous support at the 2020 AGM. Rob was nominated by Russell McArthur.

        Darryl Gowlett

        Life Member

        Darryl has represented the interest of Queenslanders since 1983 and his commitment to refereeing is profound. Darryl was pivotal in the training of new Australian and Queensland based referees from both ATA and ATU upon unification. His courses were professional and many saw him as an accurate source of not only information but guidance.

        Darryl refereed nationally from 1982 and progressed to First Class International level. Darryl was at the forefront of referee pioneers in this country at a time when costs were borne by the referees themselves. Darryl founded the National Referee Board and was the initial National Referee Director and under his stewardship championed the then National and State Referee packages in support of maintaining and increasing referee numbers. This was pivotal to the National Association successfully running competitions using skilled Referees whilst enhancing the opportunities for referees both domestically and internationally. The current referee packages Australia wide are a flow on from his efforts and I am sure they would not be at the stage they are now without his foresight, drive and commitment over an extensive period of time.

        Darryl was honoured with Life Membership with unanimous support at the 2020 AGM. Darryl was nominated by Russell McArthur.

            Susan Casperson

            Life Member