Join Your Association!

In April last year our members voted to accept a new constitution for ATQ Australian Taekwondo Queensland). 

A part of this gave all members of AT (Australian Taekwondo) the ability to become full members of ATQ upon application and payment of membership fees. 

A full member has voting rights and receives notices and can attend meetings. Please note that to have voting rights the member must be a minimum of 18 years old, those under 18 can attend meetings and receive notifications from ATQ as a full member but cannot vote. Belt levels are no longer considered in your status as a member of ATQ.

Recently we advertised a survey to seek direction from our members pertaining to membership. We also took feedback from our members in relation to our membership processes and ways to enhance and ease our application processes.

As a result ATQ has in partnership with InternetEntries developed an on line process to join ATQ. The yearly membership has increased to $13 to cover the infrastructure and payment costs associated with the on line processes.

The board of ATQ also has taken on board the results of the survey and directed that all participants (athletes, coaches, officials) of the State Championships must be a member of ATQ to participate. This does not apply to club or state open events. 

This allows the state to purchase new equipment and offer subsidies to our members amongst other things.

All current members of Australian Taekwondo who reside in Queensland or Northern NSW are invited to renew or become a member of ATQ by going to 

Life members of ATQ please note that you have already been registered.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to ask.

To renew or to become a member of ATQ go to